The WBW demonstration Carpentry website

We are very proud to show you the demonstration site for We Build Websites Ltd.  

NOTE: Please click through all the tabs on the left hand side as each one demonstrates our unique website development platform.

We individually design all our websites and each one is unique.  Instead of struggling with do-it-yourself websites, we offer an 'all-in' package, where we do all the hard work for you - the coding, the page layout, the design is all sorted for you.  What we then do is hand over the working website for you to take care of the words and photographs.  

And just to show you how easy our websites are to edit (this one, in fact) you can watch this 3 minute YouTube Video (pops up in a new window).

And just so that you know, I've edited this website using all the tools that are standard in our content managment system, so links, images in the text, bold, italic and tables are all possible!